Pretend that you

Did not dance with

The Sirens

Did not feel

Those moments

Full of sorrow

Did not sink in

Absolute silence

As you are walking

Through these Symplegades


Rich in despair loot

Love Lyrics

“When she welcomes me

Arms open wide

I feel as some traveler returning

From the far land of Punt.


All things change; the mind, the senses,

Into perfume rich and strange.


And when she parts her lips to kiss

My head is light, I am drunk without beer.”


(Love Poems of AncientEgypt, translated by

Ezra Pound and Noel Stock)



        I am eating alone

        With your thought

        Falling asleep alone

        With your thought

        Waking up alone

        With your thought

        The cold wind on my face

        Reminds me that I am alive


        “Je pense toujours à toi 

         Et je t’embrasse tres tres fort…”


        I will forget 

        I will forget


   Gustav Klimt: The hand-painted








Her eyes


In a drained sea

 Her words 


 In an abandoned garden

 Her smile

 A candle light

 In a winter sky

 And her desire


 Among scars


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