I sang, and sang

Till I lost my voice.

If you don’t tell me that

you love me

I will never sing again.


Great Gentleness…

The bargain I have made!
The heart of him I loved I wrung.

‘Twas madness
Not to do his pleasure,
Were there not the fear of Heaven’s King.

‘Twas a trifle
That wrung Curithir’s heart against me:
To him great was my gentleness.

A short while I was
In the company of Curithir:
Sweet was my intimacy with him.

The music of the forest
Would sing to me when with Curithir,
Together with the voice of the purple sea.

Would that
Nothing of all I have done
Should have wrung his heart against me!

Conceal it not!
He was my heart’s love,
Whatever else I might love.

A roaring flame
Has dissolved this heart of mine—
Without him for certain it cannot live.


REF: LIADIN AND CURITHIR (http://www.gutenberg.org/files/32030/32030-h/32030-h.htm)

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