Twenty minutes waiting for a coffee in a hot summer day… I remembered the first night I arrived in this town, almost five years ago. It was middle of November, a very cold night. I got off the train and started walking towards my friend’s house, following the directions written on a box of matches. “Take the road to the left and keep going straight until the end of the street”. As I was half way to the outskirts of the town the street separated into two alleys. I decided to go left. Soon though, I could only see the lights of few houses scattered in the dark. I was not sure whether I should keep walking or turn back. I was tired and lost. There, a person appeared behind me. “Where are you going?” All I could say was “Here!” I handed the box of matches with no doubts and no other words. We reached the steps of my friend’s house. “Have a good stay!” I got a glimpse of two beautiful eyes when my friend turned on the front door light. “The most beautiful person on earth!” I thought. As I was getting ready to leave, a waiter approached. “This is from the person who was standing in front of you in line”, he said as he handed me a box of matches with my friend’s address written on it. I got a glimpse of two beautiful eyes staring at me from across the street… 100_1787

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